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March 11, 2023 Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding Team Up For New Single “Miracle”: Listen

EDM overlord Calvin Harris is no longer dating the world’s biggest pop star, and his all-star 2022 album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 didn’t conquer the world the way that its predecessor did. But Harris is still a big enough deal to hold down the weird honorary-headliner spot at Coachella, and he’s still making singles with pop stars. He’s got a new one today.

On the new track “Miracle,” Calvin Harris joins forces with the dance-friendly British single Ellie Goulding. This track is shameless. It’s basically an old-school hands-in-the-air trance anthem. The chorus is big, and the early-’00s keyboard bloops are bigger. There’s nothing particularly inventive about this track, but if you have any room in your heart for absolute cheeseball dance jams, you might have a good time with this one. Check it out below.

“Miracle” is out now on Sony.

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