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February 1, 2023 Death Valley Girls Share New Song “Magic Powers”: Listen

Later this month, the awesome and impossible-to-categorize Los Angeles band Death Valley Girls will release their new LP Islands In The Sky. I have heard the album, and I can report that it is awesome. We’ve already posted the early tracks “What Are The Odds” and “Sunday,” and now Death Valley Girls have also shared a new single called “Magic Powers.” It rocks.

“Magic Powers,” like so many other Death Valley Girls songs, walks some impossible line. It’s dreamy and woozy and psychedelic, but it also kicks ass. The song rides on a sudden, immediate wall of synth and guitar; it kicks in huge and then never loses that feeling. There are layers of sound all over this thing, but there’s also a steady backbeat, and the hooks keep coming.

In a press release, bandleader Bonnie Bloomgarden has this to say about “Magic Powers”:

I was walking down the street, and all of the sudden it dawned on me that almost all the things that kids bullied me about, or I got in trouble for in school, or was told would make me never amount to anything, were actually my magic powers! My voice isn’t too high, or funny, it’s how I cast my spells! I’m not a bad student, I love learning, and being a seeker! And I’m not a crazy person with weird ideas, that will never fit into society, I’m a witch, and I have magic powers!

Hell yeah. Death Valley Girls bassist and vocalist Samantha Westervelt directed the song’s video, which imagines everyday struggles in an old-timey video-game format. Here it is:

Islands In The Sky is out 2/24 on Suicide Squeeze Records.

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