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February 1, 2023 Ducks Ltd. Cover The Feelies “Invitation” With Mo Troper & Ratboys’ Julia Steiner: Listen

Last year, Ducks Ltd. announced a cover series called The Sincerest Form Of Flattery and shared two entries, one a cover of Jesus And Mary Chain that featured Illuminati Hotties and another of The Cure that featured Jane Inc. Today, the Toronto duo is back with their first new cover in a few months. This time it’s of the Feelies’ 1991 track “Invitation.” Their take on it features contributions from Mo Troper, Ratboys’ Julia Steiner, and local musicians Paul Erlichman, Kurt Marble, and Katie Ryan.

“In Toronto, it’s a really big thing on Halloween for bands to do cover sets where they dress up as the band they are covering,” the band’s Tom McGreevy said in a statement. “This year, Evan and a group of people who have all played in Ducks at one point or another got together to do a Feelies cover set and they were amazing! So good in fact that I immediately wanted to preserve their excellent cover band for posterity while also insinuating myself in the end result!”

He continued:

It was a real family affair, with Paul Erlichman (who sometimes plays in our live band and does the string arrangements on our records), Katie Ryan(who used to play bass in our touring band) and the incomparable Kurt Marble (who used to be our live drummer) all playing on it. Another big part of what appealed about doing this cover was putting together a new vocal arrangement for the choruses, and so we got two artists who we really love to help us out with that, the Julia Steiner of Ratboys and Portland power pop icon Mo Troper. They’re both so good and have such distinct voices and it is super exciting to get to hear them on this song that I think about all the time. Feelies forever!

Listen below.

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