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June 7, 2023 Glasser Shares New Song “Vine”: Listen

Glasser, the electronic project led by Cameron Mesirow, has announced her first official album in a decade — and her third overall. Following 2013’s Interiors, 2018’s Sextape, and last year’s one-off “New Scars,” crux will be out in October. Along with today’s announcement, Glasser is sharing a lead single, “Vine.”

“I wanted to create something where all the parts sound like they’re very separated,” Glasser says of how “Vine” came together. “I was thinking like jazz, actually. It was about getting back to writing music after feeling a bit disconnected from the machinery around making music your profession.”

Glasser also provides a bit of context around her hiatus:

Just getting back to making songs was hard for me after the last album. When I made my first album, I didn’t have an established routine of trying and failing, it was very immediate. The second record was made after a few years of touring, which is a very unstable life, and I still didn’t establish a relationship to creating things regularly. After its release, I didn’t have a center from which to recompose myself. The thing that finally brought me back to music as a positive experience was that I began taking lessons to learn Balkan singing. I wanted to try to learn all this vocal gymnastic stuff that I was listening to in the Bulgarian state television choir records. I started writing songs and working toward an album.

Listen to “Vine” below.

01 “A Guide”
02 “Vine”
03 “Easy”
04 “Knave”
05 “Mass Love”
06 “Thick Waltz”
07 “All Lovers”
08 “Clipt”
09 “Undrunk”
10 “Drift”
11 “Ophrys”
12 “Choir Prayer”

crux is out 10/6 via One Little Independent Records. Pre-order it here.

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