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March 13, 2023 Initiate Share New Song “The Surface”: Listen

The SoCal hardcore band Initiate’s recent single “Alone At The Bottom” made it into our Let The Roundup Begin column last month. Today they’ve got another track out plus details on a new album. Cerebral Circus — Initiate’s first record since the Lavender EP in 2020 and their first full-length since 2018’s Before Long… — will be out in a month on Triple B. New single “The Surface” toggles between intense verses spearheaded by Crystal Pak’s harsh demonic rasp and a chorus so harmonically rich it basically qualifies as pop-punk. Watch the song’s music video below.

01 “Waste Your Life”
02 “Alone At The Bottom”
03 “Fool”
04 “Amend”
05 “Interlude”
06 “Fire Starter”
07 “Your Own Means”
08 “The Surface”
09 “No Burden Of Guilt”
10 “Transparency”

Cerebral Circus is out 4/14 on Triple B. Pre-order it here.

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It's Preview of song- Download it to get full version.