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March 23, 2023 Jeromes Dream Share New Song “South By Isolation”: Stream

Pioneering screamo faceblasters Jeromes Dream broke up in 2001, but they got back together in 2018 and released a reunion LP called LP in 2019. This spring, Jeromes Dream will follow that album with their new one The Grey In Between, recorded with producer Jack Shirley. This time around, they’re playing without guitarist Nick Antonopoulos; Loma Prieta’s Sean Leary has stepped in to fill his role. We’ve already posted the early track “Stretched Invisible From London,” and now Jeromes Dream have also shared a new one called “South By Isolation.”

“South By Isolation” is an intense sprint of a song full of blastbeats and hellish screams; it’s a reminder of how close screamo can be to black metal. At the same time, there’s some grand, yearning melody in those ringing guitar crashes. You can definitely hear what a band like Deafheaven, fellow Jack Shirley collaborators, could’ve taken from what Jeromes Dream and their generation were doing in the late ’90s. Singer/bassist Jeff Smith describes the song like this:

The lyrics for this song were written shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I tried to imagine what it was like to try to make art in a warzone. The importance of art never seemed more important to me. I imagined people doing everything they could to make sure they could continue to create — not only for themselves, but for any one that could absorb the power of their art. It’s art that holds humanity together and prevents us from descending into madness.

Check it out below.

The Gray In Between is out 5/5 on Iodine Recordings.

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