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June 7, 2023 Kitba Shares New Song “Tied To Strings”: Listen

A few weeks ago, the Brooklyn-based songwriter and harpist Rebecca Kitba Bryson El-Saleh announced their eponymous debut album as Kitba, which will be released toward the end of July. They shared lead single “My Words Don’t Work” from it at the time, and today they’re back with the album’s second single, “Tied To Strings.”

“‘Tied To Strings’ is about the struggle of being tied to something that feels inextricably linked to your self-expression but is also deeply painful,” Kitba shared in a statement, continuing:

I grew up fully immersed in classical music, studying and consuming it, but it broke me in a lot of ways that I’m still healing from. I’ve felt estranged from the harp community for years, despite studying at a high level and “proving my worth” — it was and continues to be a realm of existence in which I was never enough. Ultimately the song ends with me letting go of the illusion of control. I’m ok with not knowing or being able to explain anything tangible about the connection of self and expression. The pull is natural and innate, like the moon pulling the tide.

Listen below.

Kitba is out 7/21 via Ruination Record Co.

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