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January 31, 2023 mui zyu Shares New Song “Dusty”: Listen

We’re getting closer to Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century, the evocatively titled debut album from mui zyu, aka Hong Kong British musical artist Eva Liu. Today, following “Ghost With A Peach Skin,” “Rotten Bun,” and “Sore Bear,” Liu is back with a fourth advance single from the album.

“Dusty” is a sparse and haunting quickie. Liu describes it as a love song, continuing, “It’s about romance, deep friendship, care and kindness. Sometimes it can be so strong it’s overwhelming, almost unbelievable and the fear of losing it is like hell. Musically I wanted to make sure it felt somewhere between the bliss of love and the agony of loss because they seem to be so intertwined.” Listen below.

Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century is out 2/24 on Father/Daughter.

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