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January 24, 2023 My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields Remixes Eyedress’ “House Of Cards”: Listen

In a few weeks, we’ll be looking at the 10th anniversary of My Bloody Valentine’s m b v. That album’s existence still feels like a minor miracle — the 22-years-later Loveless follow-up that nobody really thought we’d ever get. Since then, My Bloody Valentine have gone quiet again. Kevin Shields, the band’s semi-reclusive frontman, was talking about releasing a series of MBV EPs five years ago, but shockingly enough, those never happened. Today, however, we do get some new music from Kevin Shields, and it’s taken a very unexpected form. The guy has just remixed a song from the Filipino producer Eyedress.

Eyedress, who grew up partly in Phoenix and Los Angeles, has been carving out a niche by making woozy, rap-adjacent bedroom-pop tracks that sometimes blow up on TikTok. Eyedress has collaborated with artists like King Krule, Dent May, and YungMorpheus. Last year, his single “Jealous” went platinum, and a couple of other tracks went gold.

Kevin Shields has remixed “House Of Cards,” a bleary and vaporwave-ish track from Eyedress’ 2022 album Full-Time Lover as part of Lex Records’ 20th-anniversary remix series. Shields has left Eyedress’ low-key melody intact while building rising swells of sound around it, turning a small song into something bigger. Below, check out the Shields remix and the video for the original “House Of Cards.”

As it happens, Eyedress just self-released his new mixtape Committing Crimes on Friday. It’s a conceptual synth-punk experiment, and it’s got collaborations with people like N8NOFACE and Zeroh. You can stream that below, if you’re curious.

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