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March 22, 2023 Never Ending Game Announce New Album ‘Outcry’, Share New Songs “Never Die” (Feat. Justice Tripp) & “Memories”: Listen

God forgives. NEG don’t. Over the past few years, Detroit’s Never Ending Game have carved out a rep as one of the hardest bands in all of hardcore. The band’s sound is an absolutely brutal metallic stomp. Everyone in the band can play, and everyone in the band radiates a very clear vibe that you should absolutely not fuck with them. They’re great. I love them.

Never Ending Game released their full-length debut Just Another Day in 2019, and they followed it with the 2021 EP Halo & Wings. The members of the band also have other things going on. Guitarists Mike Wasylenko and Will Kaelin also play in Gridiron, another band that’s been absolutely crushing lately, and drummer Derrick Daniel recently played with Baltimore legends Trapped Under Ice during that band’s monumental return shows. (Brendan Yates, TUI’s regular drummer, was busy touring Australia as the frontman of Turnstile.) Today, NEG announce that they’ve got a whole new album coming out soon.

Outcry, Never Ending Game’s second full-length, is set to arrive this spring, and the band has just shared two relentlessly heavy new tracks. “Never Die” features contributions from Trapped Under Ice frontman Justice Tripp and guitarist Sam Trapkin, and it sounds like a souped-up bulldozer running over your face. “Memories” doesn’t feature any guest legends, but it might be even heavier. Listen to both songs below.

Outcry is out 5/12 on Triple B Records.

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