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January 27, 2023 New Hardcore Compilation ‘The Extermination Vol. 4’, Features The Chisel, Spy, Raw Brigade, More: Stream

Tomorrow is one of the big events on the hardcore calendar. It’s the Disturbin’ The Peace festival in Baltimore, and local heroes Trapped Under Ice, who haven’t played live in years, are headlining. The bill also includes bands like End It, Buggin’, Mutually Assured Destruction, and Jivebomb. Fortuitously enough, those bands all have songs on a new compilation from the great Baltimore/Brooklyn hardcore label Flatspot Records.

The new compilation The Extermination Volume IV, the latest in a long-running Flatspot series, features new songs from 11 of the best hardcore bands in the world right now, and most of these bands seem like they’re trying to play faster and harder than all their peers. We’ve already posted Speed’s “One Blood We Bleed,” Buggin’s “Attitude,” and End It’s “Familia Finito,” and the comp also has new songs from bands like the Chisel, Section H8, Spy, Law Of Power, and Choice To Make.

The whole compilation blasts through its 11 tracks in less than 20 minutes, and other than the Colombian band Raw Brigade’s cover of Crux’s 1982 stomper “Keep On Running,” these are all-new originals. For me, the compilation’s standout is Mutually Assured Destruction’s blood-gargling metal monster “The Axeman’s Letter,” a relative epic at three minutes. But the whole comp is very much worth your time, and you can stream it below.

The Extermination Volume IV is out now on Flatspot Records.

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