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June 4, 2023 Paris Hilton Re-Records “Stars Are Blind” With Kim Petras: Listen

If Paris Hilton ever succeeds in making the full transition from cultural irritant to kitsch icon, then her 2006 single “Stars Are Blind” will have a lot to do with it. People were set to hate “Stars Are Blind” back when the song came out, since few of us were into the idea of Hilton, the socialite and reality-TV star, becoming a pop star. But “Stars Are Blind” is an absolutely charming reggae-pop gem, and it utterly disarmed many of us.

“Stars Are Blind” was a minor hit that peaked at #18 on the Hot 100, and it didn’t turn Paris Hilton into a pop star, which has probably helped the song’s reputation. The track has stuck around, too. “Stars Are Blind” soundtracked a memorable moment in the 2020 movie Promising Young Women, and Paris went viral for singing it very badly on with Miley Cyrus and Sia on Miley’s New Year’s Eve special a few months ago. In 2020, Kim Petras covered “Stars Are Blind” as part of a Stonewall Gives Back livestream. Now, she and Paris have re-recorded the song together.

Kim Petras and Paris Hilton go way back. In 2017, Hilton appeared in the video for Petras’ debut single “I Don’t Want It At All.” Now, with Petras coming off of her appearance on Sam Smith’s #1 hit “Unholy,” Hilton and Petras have teamed up for — swear to god — “Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version).” The song still goes! The new version is faithful, and it ends with Petras singing, “I love you, Paris! You’re that bitch!” Listen to the new version and watch the video for the original below.

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