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March 22, 2023 Public Interest Share New Song “Residue”: Listen

Chris Natividad, perhaps best known as a member of the Oakland post-punk band Marbled Eye, also maintains a slew of other projects. One of them is Public Interest, a slightly different kind of post-punk act that evolved from a solo project into a proper band. Public Interest embrace elements of noise-rock, synth-pop, hardheaded Australian punk (think Total Control), and other sounds in service of a unique and compelling style, hard-hitting and mechanistic but just slightly hallucinatory too.

Their debut album Spiritual Pollution is out next month, and so far they’ve shared two singles from it. First came the epic, droning opener “Undone,” followed this week by the Sonic Youth-esque “Residue,” a song that propels itself forward with an urgent sense of purpose, full of spindly arpeggios and nasty chord riffs. Hear both tracks below.

01 “Undone”
02 “Why Bother?”
03 “Residue”
04 “Slow Burn”
05 “Falling Ash”
06 “Final Product”
07 “Spiritual Pollution”
08 “Burden Of Time”

Spiritual Pollution is out 4/7 on Erste Theke Tontrager.

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