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January 27, 2023 Sightless Pit Release New Album ‘Lockstep Bloodwar’ Feat. Gangsta Boo, Claire Rousay, Midwife, More: Stream

Three years ago, a new extreme music supergroup called Sightless Pit released their debut album Grave Of A Dog. At that time, Sightless Pit was the team of Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker, the Body’s Lee Buford, and Lingua Ignota mastermind Kristin Hayter. Hayter has amicably parted ways with Sightless Pit; she’s also retiring her Lingua Ignota project. But Walker and Buford are keeping Sightless Pit going, and they’ve just followed Grave Of A Dog with an intense, freaked-out new album that features a slightly baffling array of collaborators.

Sightless Pit announced the impending release of Lockstep Bloodwar earlier this month, but they didn’t share any advance music. Today, we get to experience the whole album in one go, and it’s a trip. Lockstep Bloodwar doesn’t sound much like the last Sightless Pit album, and it doesn’t sound a whole lot like Full Of Hell or the Body’s past records, either. Instead, a comparison point might be something like the Bug, a producer who pulls in collaborators from all over the map and uses them to create something jagged and dystopic.

Lockstep Bloodwar might best be described as an experimental industrial pop album, with echoes of noise and metal and dub and rap and various forms of extreme dance music. The whole thing plays out as a cohesive whole, but its transitions can be jarring. The late Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo, for instance, appears on the same track as the Boredoms’ YoshimiO. Other guests include Midwife, claire rousay, Elizabeth Colour Wheel’s Lane Shi Otayonii, and former Gravediggaz member Frukwan. Take the journey below.

Lockstep Bloodwar is out now on Thrill Jockey.

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