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March 11, 2023 Waste Man Release Raw, Murky New Self-Titled EP: Stream

Waste Man have been around for a few years. They started in New Orleans and released their debut EP Outlaw in 2017, and they recently relocated to New York. The band’s sound is a scuzzy, intense take on post-hardcore and noise-rock — the intentionally off-putting sounds that fueled the American rock underground in the ’80s and ’90s, when that was a much less welcoming place. They’re really good at it.

Today, Waste Man have followed their 2021 full-length One Day It’ll All Be You with a new self-titled three-song EP. The first two tracks, “Luck Merchant” and “Changes,” are both short, jagged electric shocks, and they both rock. (I love the trick of starting a song with someone humming the riff before the actual riff kicks in.) But the real reason to hear this thing is “White Horse.” Waste Man’s closing track stretches over six minutes, with a rubbery deep-concentration bassline and percussion from Pissed Jeans’ Sean McGuinness. It’s just a very cool song. Stream the full EP below.

The Waste Man EP is out now on Feel It Records.

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