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March 16, 2023 World News Share New Song “Wrapped In Gold”: Listen

World News are a South London-based trio that draw on ’80s alternative influences such as XTC and the Fall mixed in with ’10s indie (think: Diiv, Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Small Black). In 2020 World News (Alex Evans, Rory Evans, and Malte Henning) put out an EP, Job And Money, and since then they’ve released a 2021 holiday single “Xmas 101” and 2022’s “I Don’t Like Your Perfume.” Now, they’re back with a brand-new single, “Wrapped In Gold.”

“‘Wrapped In Gold’ questions the often mistaken correlating exclusivity of physical things and happiness,” Alex says. “We aren’t there yet, but who cares because the grass isn’t always greener, it’s just different.”

Listen to “Wrapped In Gold” below.

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It's Preview of song- Download it to get full version.