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March 15, 2023 Xylouris White Share New Song “Long Doll”: Listen

Next month, Xylouris White, the strange and often-wonderful duo of Dirty Three drummer Jim White and Cretan lute player George Xylouris, will release their new album The Forest In Me. Xylouris White recorded the album with their unofficial third member, the former Fugazi co-leader Guy Picciotto, on production. We’ve already posted the early singles “Latin White” and “Red Wine,” and now Xylouris White have shared another new track.

“Long Doll” is a short sketch of an instrumental. George Xylouris goes solo on this one, picking out a trippy and hypnotic lute melody that takes a little while to shift into gear. When the song takes shape, though, it’s very pretty. It casts a spell, and then it’s gone. Check it out below.

The Forest In Me is out 4/14 on Drag City.

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