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January 25, 2023 Yours Are The Only Ears Announce New Album: Hear “Dreamer”

Yours Are The Only Ears, the folky project led by Susannah Cutler, has announced a new album, We Know The Sky, her follow-up to 2018’s Knock Hard. Today, she’s sharing its lead single, the lilting “Dreamer,” which Cutler said is “about waking up to the realization that you need to move on from a painful relationship.”

“When someone isn’t able to see how their behavior hurts you, it’s ok to let go of them and trust that there’s something better out there for you,” Cutler continued. “However, moving on and reckoning with the parts of yourself that you’ve denied can be equally painful. This song is about that process and learning to trust yourself.”

Listen below.

01 “Dreamer”
02 “We Know The Sky”
03 “Horses”
04 “Bad Habit”
05 “Stained”
06 “Blue Moon Blood”
07 “Ghost With New Skin”
08 “Swan Song”
09 “Black Bear”
10 “Love Me Too”

We Know The Sky is out 3/24 via Lame-O Records.

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